Case IH 2150 Series Early Riser

Art of Planting - Case IH 2150 Series Early Riser

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Case IH 2150 (Provided by Case IH)

The 2000 Series Early Riser planter models can be customized by operation and crop-residue management preferences for accuracy and speed. The 2150 front-fold trailing planter is available in 12-, 16- or 24-row configurations with 30-inch spacing.

The bulk-fill option provides seed delivery from the tank to the minihoppers -- no matter the seed population or seed coating. An all-new factory-integrated, 540-gallon liquid fertilizer system increases efficiency and productivity.

Tool-free crop changes and adjustments keep operators in the field.

Features available with the 2150 Early Riser front-fold planter include:

-- factory-integrated Case IH and Precision Planting vSet meters for singulation and planting accuracy

-- vDrive electric drive technology with row-by-row shutoffs, variable-rate and curve-compensated spacing

-- bulk-fill seed-feeding system with up to two 60-bushel tanks

-- a 2 x 2 frame-mounted liquid fertilizer placement option, exclusive to the 2150 Early Riser planter, which allows for fertilizer to be placed 2 inches over from the seed with adjustable depth up to 4 inches

-- increased run time between liquid product that fills with 540 gallons of capacity

-- Forward tank placement, which optimizes weight distribution with a low-profile design that optimizes rear visibility

-- precise application with row-by-row overlap control

-- granular insecticide delivered in-furrow via the AMVAC SmartBox option

-- high-clearance frame and increased row-unit vertical travel that accommodates rapid terrain changes without sacrificing accurate seed placement

-- optional wing downforce control, which provides additional vertical stability to the toolbar wings and helps row units remain in position and ready to respond to changing terrain

-- on-screen, folding-and-unfolding process with step-by-step instructions.



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