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Can I Have Some Time?

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Years ago, My Farmer and I instituted the "time" rule. The kids could spend 30 minutes per day playing games on the new-to-us iPad. We'd set a timer app while simultaneously watching the clock, fearing their little brains would turn to mush while staring at the screen. Even though the rule was for 30 minutes a day, we often heard them plea: "Can we have some time?"

Now, a parent to a senior and a sophomore, I'm left asking, "Can I have some time?!" or perhaps "Can I get some time back?" So many conversations I share involve time -- the lack of, the speed of, the loss of ... There's a need for more time with loved ones and sometimes the desire to spend less time with others. We wish for slow time with our babies; fast time with mundane workdays; fun time with family; and quiet time with ourselves.

Time is as routine as it is unpredictable. But, the truth is: Time doesn't have to control our lives. We really do have the power to at least live in harmony with it. We can fit in what we can, when we can and enjoy those moments instead of wishing for what could be.

This holiday season, I'm giving the gift of time. As chaotic as these weeks will be, I plan to host a sledding party at the request of my youngest nephew and cookie decorating with my daughter and niece; and I commit to a date night with My Farmer. This past harvest was a long one, and this season is meant for celebration.

Social media and life coaches offer much advice on how to handle time. Give it to others in service. Spend it with God. Schedule it. Flow with it. Meditate on it. Play with it. Ignore it altogether.

How will you gift your time?


-- Katie Pratt writes, tweets, farms and tries to find time for herself and others from north-central Illinois. Find her blog at https://www.theillinoisfarmgirl.com , and follow her on Twitter @KatiePratt4


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