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Solinftec Autonomous Sprayer

The ground-based Solinftec autonomous sprayer robots are meant to patrol fields 24 hours a day, seven days a week scouting and spot-spraying to solve problems soon after they arise. (Joel Reichenberger)

Conversations about new sprayers often focus on acres the equipment can cover in an hour. Solinftec's new autonomous ground sprayer counts it as acres per week, however, hoping to hit just 500 acres on average.

That glacial pace fits in with the unique vision of the technology company, where its robots are patrolling fields 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The company's first product was the Solix Scouting robot, which can mosey through a field collecting data from various sensors while powered by a solar panel that covers the entirety of the robot's roof. The sprayer version adds a 12-gallon tank and a 40-foot boom to the Solix Scout's chassis, enough to spot-spray weeds for three to five days without a refill.

More modifications could await in the future, including equipment to spread nitrogen and even sample for soil compaction.

Solinftec has already sold out of the machines it hopes to have ready for spring of 2023, with 30 of its $30,000 robots going to farms in the United States and Canada. It hopes to sell 3,000 units by 2024.




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