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Ryse Aero Technologies Recon 2

The Ryse Recon aims to give farmers a revolutionary way to get around their farm with a 24-minute flight time and a top speed of 63 mph. (Joel Reichenberger)

It looks like an oversized aerial drone, one that fell into the wrong tank of ooze. The idea from Ryse Aero Technologies is the machine, officially an ultralight aircraft, can be an asset to farmers and ranchers to be used for scouting fields or checking cattle.

"We built this for people with a purpose, to make sure there was an ability to do something when you got there," says Erik Stephansen, Ryse director of regulatory affairs and aeronautics. "Think of this as the ATV to get you there so you can do something."

The Cincinnati, Ohio-based operation was only founded in October 2021 but was already flying by summer 2022. The Recon, aiming for a spring 2023 release at a price of $150,000, has a flight time of 24 minutes, a top speed of 63 mph and a 250-pound advised weight limit. The company plans to maintain an ag focus.

"You guys (farmers and ranchers) are really great at understanding the fusion of science and art, but are also really respectful of equipment," Stephansen says. "We really felt the farming and ranching communities would understand."

The aerial ATV aims for a 2023 launch.




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