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CLAAS 900 Axion Tractor and CLAAS 740 Trion Combine

CLAAS 900 Axion Tractor (left) and CLAAS 740 Trion Combine (right) (Joel Reichenberger)

The newest offerings from CLAAS aren't fresh off the drawing board. Both the 900 Series Axion tractor and the 740 Trion combine have been operating in other markets. But, the company says the machines are ready for the United States, and both could slide into areas of need for American farmers.

The tractor introduced this summer and now available is the 900 Series of the CLAAS Axion, featuring the company's Terra Trac rear tracks. The Axion 960 comes in at 440 hp and the Axion 930 at 350 hp.

The tracks are the key. CLAAS says the track offers a 25% larger footprint and 25% less ground pressure.

CLAAS's new Trion 740 combine is specifically meant to be an option for mid-sized farms, packing the top-tier Lexion line's technology into a smaller, less-expensive package.

There are some differences, such as one rotor in the back compared to the Lexion line's two. The Trion also features a new cab, eventually also bound for Lexion machines, with a swiveling seat, better visibility, more storage and a new refrigerator.

The Trion was launched worldwide last summer except in the United States, where it debuted earlier this summer.




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