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Set individual goals to stay ahead of the curve. (Provided by Brevant and Corteva)


Staying stagnant isn't an option in the agriculture industry today. Farmers are moving the needle forward to grow crops more efficiently each season. With continual innovation in science and traits, seed selection requires planning. But when should the brainstorming begin?

"I think it's every month of the year," said Zac Ruthenberg, crop consultant with Nutrien Ag Solutions. "Farmers and retailers are constantly evaluating products and systems. Progressive customers are always looking to see what can be tweaked."

To dig deeper into the seed selection process, Bryce Consbruck, sales agronomist with Aurora Cooperative, recommends farmers continue monitoring fields into September. It is essential to note what looks good, what needs improvement and what is needed to achieve high-performance results the following season.

"It's never too early to plan for the next year," Consbruck said. "Farming is moving at a faster pace now than in the past because of technology. What took 20 years to get advanced is now taking five. What took five is now taking one."


To stay ahead of the curve, it is crucial to set and evaluate individual goals. No farm is the same. From yield potential to insect protection to drought tolerance, the choices a farmer makes will differ between each field. However, Consbruck explains the margin of error is so thin that farmers need to be making good decisions.

"One decision can cost the farm a lot of money," Consbruck said. "It is important to not make decisions alone. You need a circle of people you trust and can lean on to help you along the way."

Because Brevant(R) brand products are sold through retail, a trusted team of individuals is available to farmers all season long. Ruthenberg added there is strength in unity through ag retail.

"The retail side is important, because you know automatically if you bought your seed from someone in retail that they've got all your acres figured out," he said. "At the end of the day, retail is looking out for the customer. We're with that farmer from the time that handshake is made from the seed deal to the time we come back to talk about next year's seed deal."

As a starting point, Ruthenberg reminds farmers that seed sets the stage for crop input choices. Likewise, Consbruck continues to keep a close eye on seed and crop protection investments.


An important step in the seed selection process is to evaluate where a farm has been and where the farm is headed. Rather than dwelling on the past, Consbruck advises farmers to estimate an average of how the farm has performed over the past five years, as each year presents its own obstacles. With these insights, farmers have proof points to plan for the next season.

The 2022 growing season has presented myriad issues across the Corn Belt. For those in Nebraska, Consbruck said heavy hail and wind damage created issues during planting and kick-started record insect pressure in his area. Ruthenberg cited disease and crop stress as some of the year's top concerns in Michigan.

Although the hurdles change from season to season, there are solutions to help farmers manage disease pressure. Brevant brand Qrome(R) corn products protect against above- and below-ground corn rootworm while maximizing yield potential. Similarly, Vorceed(TM) Enlist(R) corn is the next generation of corn rootworm technology coming in 2023. It gives farmers the flexible power of the Enlist weed control system and multiple modes of action against insects and weeds.

In the latest example of bringing new to ag retail, the next generation of Brevant brand Enlist E3(R) soybeans features unique genetics from Corteva Agriscience and an enhanced disease control package that boosts agronomic performance.

Despite the unpredictability that each season brings, Ruthenberg advises farmers to keep a positive outlook rather than focusing on the negative to determine where the farm is heading.

"You have to look at where you want your operation to be in the next 10 to 20 years," Ruthenberg said. "For a lot of people right now, that means passing that generational mark where the third or fourth generation is coming onto the farm. We can sustain success on the farm if we make the right choices now."


There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when selecting seed: standability, weather variables, insect pressure, emergence, disease control, storage and other management practices on each operation. At the end of the day, Consbruck said it's all about managing what you can control to make the best decisions for the operation.

When it comes to 2023 seed selection, Ruthenberg encourages farmers to remain optimistic and not remain stagnant.

Contact your local ag retailer to make a game plan for next season. Find yours at https://brevant.com/…


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