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Adjust Drawbar for Baler

(Getty Images; Photo Illustration by Barry Falkner)

READER: The bearing assembly that rocks back and forth on the driveline of my baler is leaning too far forward. I think it should be straight up during operation of the baler. I see no adjustment on the tongue of the baler to relocate it. How can I adjust it without drilling new holes in the tongue?

STEVE: You need to shorten your swinging drawbar in order to raise up the tipping bearing when the baler is attached to the tractor. The drawbar on your tractor should have adjustable holes in it to allow your drawbar to be 14 inches (or closer) from the end of the PTO shaft to the center of the hole in your drawbar where the hitch pins fit. This is an industry standard length for a 540 PTO shaft. This length should allow for your tipping bearing to run close to straight up. Many tractor dealerships deliver tractors with the drawbar placed in or out as far as it will go.

If it does not run about straight up at 14 inches, then someone probably has changed or worked on the original tongue on the baler. If a tractor has a 1000 shaft, the length from the center of the hole in the drawbar to the end of the PTO shaft should be 16 inches.


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