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Preventative Practices Are Key for Safe Riding

Safety is first when riding an ATV or UTV. Always wear a helmet and personal protective equipment. (Progressive Agriculture Foundation)

Many have heard the well-known saying, "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt." Unfortunately, that phrase becomes a heavy reality for far too many individuals because of incidents involving all-terrain vehicles and utility-task vehicles, more commonly referred to as ATVs and UTVs, every day. In a recent study by the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, it is estimated that every hour, about 11 people (with almost four of those individuals being under the age of 16) are seen in a hospital emergency department because of an ATV-related injury. Furthermore, they also reported that there are more than 100 pediatric ATV-related fatalities each year.

So, why do these incidents happen? And, what can be done to help prevent these devastating tragedies from occurring?

The encouraging truth is that nearly all the major risk factors resulting in youth ATV- and UTV-related incidents could be prevented. These factors include the lack of proper training, operating an incorrectly sized ATV or UTV for the rider's size and age, not wearing a Department of Transportation-compliant helmet and personal protective equipment (PPE), riding on a public roadway and riding as or carrying passengers on a single-rider ATV. Fortunately, the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day (PAF Safety Day) program has seen an increased effort to help combat these dreadful incidents. In 2021, ATV/UTV safety was the No. 1 topic taught at the most PAF Safety Days throughout North America.

Additionally, the Progressive Agriculture Foundation (PAF), the governing body of the PAF Safety Day program, teamed up with Polaris, one of its four-star partners, to provide ATV/UTV safety outreach during conferences, conventions and farm shows throughout 2021 that garnered nearly 400,000 visitors in attendance. At these events, PAF staff utilized its PAF Safety Day curriculum developed to deliver age-appropriate, hands-on education, as well as a youth-sized UTV Polaris RANGER, donated by Polaris.

Whether you and the younger members of the family are enjoying ATVs and UTVs as a recreational off-road vehicle or to help tackle chores around the farm, always keep safety first.

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