Progressive Agriculture Safety Day Program

Keeping the Future of Agriculture Safe

Tractors are one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment to youth on a farm. (Provided by Logan D. Hall)

The Progressive Agriculture Safety Day(R) (PAF Safety Day) program collected responses from nearly 1,000 teens and adults throughout the United States -- all connected to the agriculture industry -- on what is most dangerous to youth on farms. The top three most popular answers included equipment, machinery and tractors. As it might be expected, 25% of the leading sources of fatalities among all youth involved machinery, according to a 2017 study by the National Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety.

The PAF Safety Day program was developed to help make farm, ranch and rural life safer and healthier for all children and their communities, including protection from the risks of equipment, machinery and tractors. Among all PAF Safety Days in 2021, power-take-off (PTO) safety, farm-equipment safety and tractor safety were in the top 50% of the most popular topics taught.

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