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Safety Tip of the Month April 2022

While giving welcome warmth in a cold workshop, kerosene space heaters can present dangerous conditions in unventilated areas. (Steve Thompson)

Be careful when using a kerosene space heater in your barn or shop. They are great for servicing equipment in a cold building, but when using one of these space heaters, high ventilation for that area is a must, even if it's cold ventilation from an open door or window.

These types of heaters are very dangerous, especially for people with breathing problems when used in tight places. The amount of carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes produced when using these types of heaters is huge. As far as quick heat, they really do a great job of heating a space, but they also like to eat oxygen and produce toxic fumes. Headache and nausea are usually the first signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. It's sneaky.


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