Supertino Electric Self Propelled Mixer Wagon

Electric Mixer Wagon

Supertino Electra 2 Self Propelled Mixer Wagon (Greg Lamp)

An electric self-propelled mixer-wagon from Italian company Supertino has been developed to help meet European zero-emission standards. Electra 2 and Electra 2 Maxi come in two power sizes -- 100 and 150 kilowatts -- and are designed for livestock operations, especially dairy, with 250 to 350 cows. Tank sizes for the electric models come in capacities from 12 to 30 cubic meters (423 cubic feet to 1,060 cubic feet). Diesel-powered models also are available.

"We're the only European company that has a large electric model, and we've had two years of good experience with it," Augusto Supertino says.

Batteries and the motors are up front, close to the cab, where there's easy operator vision to the overhead arm or raiser. The raiser digs into the feed supply and moves it back to the mixer tank. An onboard scale and computer system assists the operator in mixing accurate rations.

Supertino sells 60% of its mixer-wagon models to France, which is near their factory.


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