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Writing a Christmas Wish

(Meredith Bernard)

For at least three months now, the hints have been dropping. Computer tabs have been left open and waiting for me to find with links to phones, 3D printers (really?), drum sets and horse supplies.

Our children went into full-on Christmas-list mode before the pumpkins and mums were on the porch. The older they've gotten, the more I appreciate the ideas, though. Christmas shopping can be hard, and when it comes to our kids, we want to gift them things they will appreciate and use, not just fill an already-full house. As for me, this year, I also have a Christmas wish. I also began writing it a couple of months ago -- on my heart.

The day started like any other with more to do than hours in the day to get it done. Harvest was looming, and the combine needed prepping and repairs. But, in a split second, it all came crashing down. Literally. My husband found himself being crushed under the weight of the throat of the combine, and we came inches and seconds away from losing him. One of my biggest fears as a farm wife almost became my reality. I almost lost my husband. Our children almost lost their father. Our lives almost changed forever.

Yes, there were injuries, and recovery has tested patience, but what was broken will heal. We were given a second chance as a family of four, a chance we didn't know that morning we could lose. It's a gift I haven't taken for granted since.

This Christmas, I wish to cherish each new day for the promise it holds. I wish to listen closer, love deeper, laugh louder, hug longer, breathe freer and see clearer. I'm thankful for the chance to write this Christmas wish. Maybe you'll want to write it on your heart, too.


-- Meredith Bernard tends farm and family, and writes, takes photographs and counts her blessings from North Carolina. Follow her on social media @thisfarmwife, and visit her website at thisfarmwife.com


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