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Safety Goes Beyond the Surface

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Remember, call 811 to know what lies below.

Did you know that Aug. 11 is designated as National 811 Day? This day serves as a reminder for all within the United States of America to work safely prior to the start of any digging projects around a residence or business by calling 811. No matter how large or small, every digging project warrants a call. This simple practice and free service will help keep individuals safe while also preventing damage to underground utilities.

Let's Dig Into Your Knowledge About Utility Safety:

We have all likely seen flags in the ground indicating where underground utilities are present. This list tells you what the colored flags indicate.
Blue Flag = Water
Green Flag = Sewer and Drains
Red Flag = Electricity
Yellow Flag = Pipelines (gas, oil, petroleum)
Orange Flag = Fiber Optics (phone, television, cable)

TC Energy's Youth Energy Safe Program:

When it comes to staying safe -- especially around underground utilities -- TC Energy, a Progressive Agriculture Foundation 5-star sponsor, knows how important it is for young children to learn the basics. From pipelines to fiber optic cables, all underground utilities provide essential services, which can have serious consequences if damaged. That is why TC Energy's Youth Energy Safe program brings teaching tools and resources from the field to Progressive Agriculture Safety Days throughout North America. During a Safety Day, participants can learn why to call 811 or click before you dig, or how to recognize a gas leak through hands-on activities, interactive games and other visuals. Each possible segment of this topic aims to teach youth participants how to stay safe around utilities while at home, at school, on the farm and in their local communities. To learn more about the Youth Energy Safe program, taught at Progressive Agriculture Safety Days, visit


"A Progressive Agriculture Safety Day participant reported to his teacher that his family was installing a new outbuilding, so he told his dad about calling 811 before you dig. He was able to share the information he learned at our event before any construction began."
~Amanda Dunn, Progressive Agriculture Safety Day Coordinator in Farmington, Missouri


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