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The Dog Days Are Here

(Meredith Bernard)

It's official, y'all. The "dog days" of summer are here, and I'd be lying if I said this was my favorite time of year. The heat and humidity in North Carolina as summer squeezes out her last drops is not for the faint of heart, but it'll make a heart faint (and a good hair day unheard of).

The fact is, we consider every day on our farm to be dog days, though. No matter the weather, they make every day brighter.

As I type this, my best girl "Bonnie Blue" is curled up in her bed beside my desk snoring to beat the band, chasing squirrels as she sleeps. If I move, she moves. If I stay, she stays. It works out well, until I need to go somewhere she can't, and I have to race to the door before she can squeeze out to follow me.

Bonnie is a blue heeler (I like alliteration) that doesn't do a great job working cows but makes a fine friend to humans. Then, we have brother and sister border collies Clara and Gus (no alliteration here, just names from a western movie. I like those, too). This black and white duo actually will work cows from time to time, but mostly they chase our two pet sheep around the yard.

It's no secret that life on the farm can be stressful. This time of year, we're either praying for rain or praying we don't get flooded from a hurricane. No matter what, though, our four-legged friends are one consistent source of companionship, love and joy, which makes them worth their weight in gold. I wouldn't trade a day with our dogs for a day without.

And while some may say they are "just animals," we'd say they're family, and our family is blessed for every dog day.


-- Blogger Meredith Bernard writes and tends her two-legged and four-legged tribe from a North Carolina family farm. Follow her on social media @thisfarmwife and visit her website at thisfarmwife.com.


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