February 2021 Recent Farmland Sales

Victoria G Myers
By  Victoria G. Myers , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Per-Acre Prices (Progressive Farmer image by Progressive Farmer)

ILLINOIS, Gallatin County. A single tract of 236 acres sold at auction for $1.27 million, or $5,400 per acre. Some 50 interested parties were in attendance, with six active bidders. About 225 acres of the farm was comprised of flat to gently rolling cropland with the balance in woods and creeks. Contact: Jason Blue, Kurtz Auction and Realty;; 800-264-1204;

McDonough County. One tract of 166 acres of farmland, 131 tillable, sold at auction for $1.12 million. Average price per acre was $6,775. The farm was improved with an older vacant home, two grain bins and various small outbuildings. Nontillable acres included timber and a small creek. Primary soil types on the tillable ground were Ipava silt loam and Osco silt loam, with the weighted Profitability Index (PI) average on those acres at 135.6. Contact: Eric Sarff, Murray Wise Associates;; 217-398-6400;

INDIANA, Jasper County. Property totaling 320 acres, 311 tillable, sold for $2.56 million, or $8,000 per acre, to an area investor. Contact: Craig Stevenson, Geswein Farm and Land;; 574-870-4383;

KANSAS, Rawlins County. Cropland and grass totaling 530 acres sold at absolute auction in two tracts for $829,000. Average tract prices ranged from $1,450 to $1,725 per acre. Average price across the entire farm was $1,564. The farm included bases in wheat, corn, grain sorghum and barley. Contact: Donald Hazlett, Farm and Ranch Realty Inc.;; 800-247-7863;

MINNESOTA, Clay County. A farm totaling about 65 acres sold at auction in two parcels for $376,400. Parcel prices ranged from $5,500 to $5,800 per acre. Average price per acre was $5,791. The land was suitable for sugar beets, corn, soybeans and wheat. Soil Productivity Index (SPI) averaged about 90. Buyer received 2021 cash rent payment. Contact: Kevin Pifer, Pifer's Land Auctions;; 701-238-5810;

MISSISSIPPI, Quitman County. A precision-leveled farm totaling 540 acres with 531 tillable sold for $2.32 million, or $4,306 per acre. The property included three irrigation wells and extensive underground irrigation pipe. It has a strong production history in rice and soybeans, and a good rice base. Contact: Carroll Fields, BrokerSouth Ag;; 318-348-0481;

NORTH DAKOTA, Morton and Oliver counties. A large, 5,885-acre operation divided into 10 parcels sold at auction for a total price of $9.27 million. Per-acre parcel values ranged from a low of $1,435 to a high of $2,994. Average across the whole property was $1,575 per acre. The property included ranchland, crop acres and hunting and recreational ground. Easements were in place on seven of the 10 parcels. One parcel was comprised primarily of a 20- to 22-pen feedlot and about 53 crop acres. Across the property, crops planted included wheat, corn and sunflowers. Contact: Alan Butts, Pifer's Land Auctions;; 701-400-8858;

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