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On With the Show - Valley Irrigation

Matt Wilde
By  Matthew Wilde , Progressive Farmer Crops Editor
(Progressive Farmer image provided by Valley Irrigation)

Valley Irrigation, a global precision irrigation provider, launched Valley 365 earlier this year. The cloud-based, single sign-on platform brings together the best features of the company's existing technology into one easy-to-use interface, providing growers more information and greater control of pivots.

AgSense, Valley Scheduling, Valley Variable Rate Irrigation and Valley Insights are now integrated through Valley 365, which can be accessed by any mobile device or computer with internet access. Farmers can better manage, control and share data analytics to connected devices.

"At Valley, we're all about creating more connectivity and capability," says Trevor Mecham, vice president of global technology strategy for the company, based in Valley, Nebraska. "Whether it's remote monitoring or variable-rate applications, [Valley 365] fits into the realm of technology we're trying to provide."

The data in Valley 365 is arranged into intuitive modules that include Forecast and Plan, Monitor and Control, Insights and Analysis and Optimize and Apply. All are geared to improve efficiency and help farmers make smarter precision irrigation decisions.

Valley also recently announced it acquired a majority stake in Solbras, a solar energy company in Brazil. The purchase allows Valley to expand product offerings, which now include a low-cost, renewable energy source to power pivots.

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