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On With the Show - Lindsay Corporation

(Progressive Farmer image provided by Lindsay Corporation)

Lindsay Corp., a global manufacturer and distributor of irrigation and infrastructure equipment and technology, recently released three new products.

The company's new Zimmatic polyethylene-lined pipe, or "poly pipe," for center-pivot irrigation systems is designed to mitigate galvanized pipe failure in corrosive water environments. The poly pipe was engineered to deliver a high level of performance and structural integrity in extreme conditions.

Zimmatic poly pipe features a recessed poly flange that allows for positive steel flange contact. It eliminates the gap between flanges at joints, resulting in improved strength and less chance for leaks.

"Lindsay continues to innovate and develop ideas that are impactful to customers and their bottom line," says Albert Maurin, product manager, irrigation software.

The company announced FieldNET Pivot Watch, its remote irrigation monitoring solution, is now available for purchase on Amazon for $440. The solar-powered unit mounts on any brand of pivot and provides water flow rate and pivot position, direction and speed. Owners receive information on any connected device through the FieldNET app. The purchase price includes a first-year, monitor-only subscription to FieldNET, Lindsay's irrigation-management platform that provides growers the ability to remotely monitor and control all aspects of their existing pivot and lateral irrigation systems, regardless of brand and age.

Lindsay also launched FieldNET with WaterTrend. It's a new feature that gives growers water-usage insights to aid in effective and efficient irrigation decision-making. It's included in every FieldNET subscription at no additional cost. WaterTrend is accessible on the FieldNET app.

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