Handy Devices

August 2020 Handy Devices

Lift a Ton (Progressive Farmer image by Ray E. Watkins Jr.)

LIFT A TON (Editor's Choice):

Brandon Kuznia, DK Farms, Greenbush, Minnesota, tells how the farm installed an equipment- and supply-lifting system. The lift moves equipment to an upper mezzanine 12 feet off the shop floor. The mechanism was salvaged from a junked forklift. The Kuznias added an electric motor and a hydraulic pump with a reservoir to power the lift. They welded a 5- x 5-foot steel floor to the forks of the old forklift. For safety, they added a similarly sized piece of diamond plate steel to the back of the lifting platform and a rail. The assembly lifts 2,500 pounds.


Chuck McGlothren, Enterprise, Alabama, designed an easy way to hook his John Deere H360 loader to a hay spear, hay slide or boom pole. He built this adapter to accommodate all three. The adapter includes the sliding brackets that allow for easy alignment and top link spacing on his implement of choice.


William Gammon, Chatham, Virginia, designed a way to enter a pasture without a gate. Gammon built the walk-through with six wooden posts and four treated 1 x 6 boards, each board 10 feet long (cut in half). He put the posts into the ground, each one spaced about 5 feet from the next. Then, he attached two boards to each section of the walk-through to finish the project.

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