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Farmers take a lot of pride in their equipment. After all, the iron in your machine shed represents a significant investment.

But, what do farmers really think about their equipment lineup? Are they truly satisfied with its performance and reliability? Does it meet their expectations? We wanted to know the answers to these questions and others. That's why we launched the Progressive Farmer Reader Insights program. It's the first survey of its kind that asks farmers and ranchers about their experiences and satisfaction with farm equipment.

Senior Editor Dan Miller and Managing Editor Chris Hill head up our effort in collaboration with SOCAL Approach Marketing and Consulting Group, a respected expert in the marketing research industry.


Tractors were the logical choice for the first survey since they are the workhorses on the farm. You spend countless hours on a tractor seat every year, and tractors help drive your efforts to enhance efficiencies and timeliness when undertaking myriad field operations.

As we worked with SOCAL to develop the surveys, we also turned to farmers, equipment manufacturers and others for advice and to help fact-check questions. Their input was invaluable but no less valuable than the information supplied by the farmers and ranchers who completed and returned the survey, either by mail or electronically.

Initial survey results on tractors were featured in the June issue (see "Rate Your Big Iron," page 20). On page 24 of this issue, you'll learn which tractor brands came out on top in various categories as determined from nearly 2,000 owners who supplied detailed information on about 7,100 tractors. You'll see some familiar names listed across three areas: overall ownership experience, owner loyalty and fewest reported problems overall.


Farmers sharing their insights on farm machinery with other farmers is the true value of the Progressive Farmer Reader Insights program. It offers the ideal platform for you to express your opinions on the equipment you own and use. In addition, farmers' responses will provide equipment manufacturers with information they can use in future developments of their products.

We are already well underway with the next phase of the program. Surveys on planters and combines are already in the field to select readers of Progressive Farmer. If you receive a survey, I encourage you to complete and return it. Results will be shared in upcoming issues of the magazine and on dtnpf.com. Look for other types of farm equipment to be highlighted in 2021.

Finally, all the winners will be acknowledged during our annual DTN Ag Summit, Dec. 7 through 9 in Chicago.> Write Gregg Hillyer, 2204 Lakeshore Dr., Suite 415, Birmingham, AL 35209, or email gregg.hillyer@dtn.com.


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