Farm Show Horsch Maestro SV Planter

Horsch Maestro SV Planter (Progressive Farmer image by Gregg Hillyer)

Horsch Maestro SV Planter

Smaller can be just as good as Horsch expands its line of planters. The Maestro SV is the junior version of its big brother, the Maestro SW. Engineered for the 12- and 16-row market, it features a two-tank configuration with a total 110-bushel seed capacity. A unique weight-transfer system evenly distributes the chassis weight across the toolbar, stabilizing it to help precisely place the seed. Each row unit features standard hydraulic downforce, allowing the row unit to engage into the soil with up to 770 pounds of downforce without the worry of the toolbar lifting. Solid parallel arm shaft design on the front of the row unit ensures the row unit maintains a consistent perpendicular engagement angle.

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