Handy Devices

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Tool Hanger (Progressive Farmer image by Ralph A. Mark Jr.)

TOOL HANGER (Editor's Choice):

Outdoor hand tools -- shovels, picks, rakes -- are hard to store. They take up a lot of room hung from a wall. Stored in a corner, they are a mess to untangle. F. Norbert Hector Sr., Browns Summit, North Carolina, created what he calls the "Farm Tool Rack Organizer." It's pretty simple. He attaches two 10-foot parallel lengths of 1-inch galvanized steel tubing between two walls. To hang the tools, he slides each one up between the tubing pieces then turns it at a 90-degree angle.


Gene Belk, Winnsboro, South Carolina, wanted to save a little bit of manpower (his) when it came time to drive T-posts into the ground. He cut an 8-inch-long piece of 3 1/2-inch x 3 1/2-inch-square tube steel. He welded a similar-sized piece of plate steel onto one end of the tube. Next, Belk welded the assembly to the back of his front-end loader bucket with the capped side facing up. Now, when lowering the bucket, he easily pushes posts down into the ground.


Dana Watkins, West Paducah, Kentucky, has figured out a way to extend the life of hay rings and feeders. She applies a thick coat of black asphalt sealer 12 inches up on the sides and bottom of her rings and feeders. The sealer protects the metal from rusting through. One gallon covers about four hay rings.

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