NemaStrike Sidelined

(Progressive Farmer image by Pamela Smith)

Bayer has announced it does not plan to broadly offer the seed treatment known as NemaStrike for the 2020 growing season, citing ongoing safety concerns.

The company says the product, which is designed to protect crops against nematodes, has caused skin irritations with some individuals who have handled it. Acceleron NemaStrike ST was commercially available as a premium seed treatment on corn, cotton and soybean in 2019.

This is the second time NemaStrike has been sidelined. In 2018, the broad-spectrum nematicide was halted after some workers involved in the manufacturing process experienced rashes when their skin came into contact with the product. It was sold in 2019 with a stronger stewardship and safety initiative stressing the need to wear chemical-resistant gloves, long-sleeved shirt, long pants and socks and shoes while handling.

Tioxazafen, the active ingredient in NemaStrike Technology, represents a new class of nematicides that is reported to affect the worm's mitochondria, which is the energy factory of cells. At press time, Bayer indicated it was continuing to evaluate options to improve user experience with the product and would be offering alternatives.

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