Handy Devices

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Receiver-mounted vise (Progressive Farmer image by Ray E. Watkins Jr.)

VISE ON THE GO (Editor's Choice):

There are many times when it would be good to have a vise out in the field. Bobby Cox, Amory, Mississippi, came up with an L-shaped steel design that he can mount to his truck's towing receiver. The vise itself is mounted to a steel plate with the plate welded onto the top section of the L-shaped assembly. That assembly is made from two scraps of 2-inch box steel tubing. Cox also welded an angled bracket into the 90-degree corner where the two sections of steel tubing join. The bracket gives the assembly additional strength.


Larry Edwards, Wingate, Texas, had trouble keeping his gates open on windy days. He designed an inexpensive fix. At the point where the gate is opened fully, he drove a 2-inch steel pipe into the ground. Next, he cut a short length of 2 3/8-inch-diameter steel pipe and welded a U-shaped piece of 1/4-inch steel rod to it. To hold the gate, he slides the collar over the pipe hammered into the ground. The bent rod hooks over one of the gate runners holding the gate in place.


A wind-energy farm going up near the operation of Roger Johnson, Chandler, Minnesota, generated empty wooden spools. From one of them, Johnson built a workbench. First, he removed the two round ends of the spool. He cut one in half, creating two half-circles. To the bottom of one half he bolted four wheels. Onto that wheeled piece he built a wooden frame. He attached the second half-circular piece to the top of the frame and topped that with a piece of steel. Johnson attached the other end of the spool to the back of the rolling workbench to give it extra support and create a place to hang tools. Johnson also wired the table for power. It weighs 1,000 pounds, but Johnson says he is able to move it easily around his shop.

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