Fendt Takes on Corn Belt

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Fendt 900, Image provided by AGCO Fendt

Fendt is rolling out this fall an aggressively-styled and fully redesigned 900 series tractor targeting the North American row crop market. From first look, it is a tractor distinguished by the smooth lines of its narrowed hood, large, black, mesh-like grill, and a dozen (optional) “light up the night” front-mounted LEDs.

The Fendt 900 looks a bit angry as you walk up to it--styling perhaps that matches Fendt’s big push into the Midwest.

“This tractor has been specifically designed for the North American row-crop segment,” says Andrew Sunderman, tactical marketing manager for high horsepower tractors at Fendt. Set up on 60-inch centers, 900 series tractors are taking direct aim at the large-tractor segment of the Midwest Corn Belt, he says, adding that Fendt also eyes other row crop markets such as sugar beets and potatoes. “This is a tractor that will really push the bounds of the high horsepower market.”

The five tractors are the 930 (296 hp), 933 (326 hp), 936 (355 hp), 939 (385 hp) and 942 (415 hp). Fendt is a brand name of AGCO Corporation, Duluth, Georgia.


The 900 boasts a 6-cylinder, 9.0L MAN engine, featuring Fendt’s low-engine speed innovation and Fendt VarioDrive CVT transmission. Power is delivered independently to both front and rear axles. The engine idles at 650 rpm and operates at a maximum 1,700 rpm for pulling power and fuel efficiency. Fendt says the 900 tractors weigh from just less than 25,000 pounds up to 42,000 pounds. The front, mono-block ballasting system mounts weights from 1,918 pounds to 5,512 pounds.

The Fendt 900 has a double-wishbone front axle suspension system for comfort and stability. The suspension measures eight inches of vertical travel.

A novel feature on the 900 is the VarioGrip tire inflation system. It allows operators to deflate tire pressure from the cab for improved ground contact. The operator can re-inflate for road travel at speeds up to 31 mph. VarioGrip is controlled through the Varioterminal.


The 900 series offers both front and rear 3-point hitches with position control, load relief control, front and rear PTO, two front and six rear electrohydraulic double-acting valves and fender controls for linkage, valves and PTO. The rear, 3-point hitch is rated at 21,500 pounds of lift. The optional, front hitch brings 12,310 pounds of lift to work.

The tractor has three hydraulic pump options, providing up to 113 gpm of hydraulic oil flow through an optional, dual pump, dual circuit hydraulic system.

The 900’s new Life cab is warmly upholstered, quiet and offers great sight lines. “The large glass area provides 360-degree visibility around the machine, front, back and around the machine,” says Sunderman. LED lighting packages improve poor weather and nighttime visibility all around the cab. The cab features a heated windshield and a segmented windshield wiper with 180- and 300-degree wiping.

Fendt’s Profi joystick, sporting the manufacturer’s familiar color-coded control buttons, is positioned on the armrest putting essential control of the 900 at the operator’s fingertips. The Varioterminal 10.4-inch touch screen is also mounted within comfortable reach.

Fendt is eager to talk about its new Infotainment system, a package exclusive to its 900 series tractors. It includes state-of-the-art audio, sound boosted by high-fidelity speakers. The system has Bluetooth capability, and a USB port on the terminal connects with smartphones and tablets. Smart device functions are controlled through the Varioterminal’s own Infotainment page.

Fendt 900 tractors carry a no-deductible warranty (36 months or 3,000 hours), including all scheduled maintenance (oil, filters, belts and maintenance items).

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