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J and M 46-inch Stabilizer Trax

J and M 46-inch Stabilizer Trax, Image by Karen McMahon

A new line of grain carts holding 1,800, 2,050 and 2,350 bushels of grain come standard with a set of extrawide tracks. The 46-inch Stabilizer Trax features a new design by J and M that raises idler wheels under light loads and lowers them under heavy loads to produce the full compaction footprint. The result is a more maneuverable cart, explains Sean Kahlig, J and M engineer.

The tracks also are equipped with heavy rubber suspension springs and oscillating bogies to reduce tank shock loads and vibration. The oscillating bogies rock front and back as well as side to side. Maintenance is minimal with oil-filled hubs and the absence of grease Zerks.

List price for a J and M 2032 cart with tracks and other options as shown is $200,560.



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