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GSI Quiet Dryer

GSI Quiet Dryer, Image provided by the manufacturer

The Quiet Dryer technology introduced by GSI in all-heat models last year is now available in Dry/Cool portable and TopDry dryer models.

“Noise is one of the most common complaints and occupational hazards with grain dryers,” says Jarod Wendt, GSI grain conditioning engineer. “Quiet Dryers have half as much noise as their counterpart vane axial dryers. The patent-pending commercial-strength blower features fewer blades, less open design and heavier-duty construction to provide less noise and a softer, more pleasing sound.”

The Dry/Cool portable dryer features two stacked plenums in a single-module configuration with the flexibility to run in all heat, dry and cool, continuous flow or even batch modes.

For Quiet TopDry, grain is heated in the top of the TopDry bin at up to 2,100 bushels per hour at five-point removal and released into the holding area below. The dryer features upgrades including AutoFlow controls and manual batch controls.



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