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Apache AS630 Sprayer

Apache AS630, Image by the manufacturer

Equipment Technologies (ET) introduced a small, self-propelled sprayer that spent three years in development--the Apache AS630.

“We wanted to innovate with this sprayer, so we took our time,” reports Kevin Covey, ET product manager. “It has a new frame designed for durability and strength while remaining lightweight. It weighs about 2,500 pounds less than the Apache AS730 model, which is a lot of weight savings for just a little less capacity.”

The new AS630 has a 650-gallon tank, 50-gallon rinse tank and a Cummins 4.5-liter engine with 163 hp. It’s equipped with plenty of features found on larger sprayers, including active airbag suspension, onboard air compressor, active joystick and a full line of Raven precision products.

“We believe the under-700-gallon market is not being served,” Covey explains. “This model works well for smaller-type growers who want to do their own application but do not need a high-capacity sprayer. It also is for larger growers who want to add a second sprayer and don’t need another large-capacity sprayer.”

A nine-section auto shutoff control comes standard on the AS630 with an option to upgrade to 16 sections using the Raven Hawkeye. Booms are available in 60/90-, 90- or 100-foot; nozzle spacing, 15 or 20 inches.; axle widths, 90- or 120-inch spacing; and crop clearance, 42 or 48 inches.

Suggested retail price for the AS630 model equipped with most features is $225,000.



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