Handy Devices

Easy-to-build ideas make your work easier.

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Color-Coded Fix, Image by Ralph A. Mark Jr.)

Color-Coded Fix (Editor’s Choice):

Anyone who has disconnected one accessory from the tractor and attached another has felt the frustration of getting the connection backward. Bill Shahan, Valley View, Texas, has a simple solution: He purchased colored zip ties and color-coded all the hydraulic hookups and lines on both the tractor and the implements.

Post Puller:

Donald Harris, Bentonville, Arkansas, built a corner post puller by welding a 15-inch length of similar material perpendicular to one end of a 3-foot piece of square tube steel. He welded a 2-inch piece of square tube steel to the other end of the 3-foot piece. To pull the post, Harris sets the steel puller about 20 inches from the post. He wraps a chain around the post, lays the chain over the top of the puller then attaches the end to a tractor or pickup. As he pulls forward, the leverage lifts the post out of the ground.

Livestock Feeder:

Matt Anderson, Eagle Grove, Iowa, converted an abandoned grain elevator into a heavy-duty feeder. He removed the frame from the elevator shaft and set it aside. Next, he cut slots lengthwise in each of two old oblong metal water tanks, the tanks filled with sand to make them heavy. He laid the shaft into the slots cut into the tanks to complete construction of the feeder.

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