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Farm Girl Forever

Image provided by Katie Pratt

Hello all, my name is Katie Pratt, The Illinois Farm Girl. Although, my kids suggest I am no longer a girl and need a new online moniker.

However, farming is quite literally and figuratively in my jeans/genes. Marrying a farmer (and a farm) is a “ ’til-death-do-us-part” deal. Therefore, I think the title fits.

I never had a plan B. Farm life was it for me. I grew up with pigs, horses and two siblings. The barns and cattle pasture served as our playground. My summers were spent preparing for the 4-H fair. High school introduced me to FFA. I found my people.

Away at college, my goal was to “come home,” support myself and contribute to the farm. Ahh … God laughs at our best-laid plans.

Getting home took a few years, during which my FFA network gave me work experience. I found a passion for nonprofits. My husband calls me a professional volunteer.

My husband and I met on a blind date. Today, we live just up the road from my parents’ farm, raising corn, soybeans and seed corn with his family.

I am farm chef, chauffeur and “go-fer.” With our two kids, nieces, nephews and my inability to say no, our days are busy--not balanced--investing in our farm
and community.

When the “share your farm story” movement took hold, I jumped in with everything. I started the blog The Illinois Farm Girl (theillinoisfarmgirl.com) and joined social media (Twitter @KatiePratt4).

I also spent a fair amount of time speaking to people who had honest questions about our farms and their food. During the past six years, I have worked for Ag in
the Classroom.

My parents always said there’s room at the table for everyone. I agree. So pull up a chair. We’ve got a lot of stories to share.


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