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Kinze Expands Into Tillage

Kinze Mach Till tillage tool, Image provided by the manufacturer

Kinze Manufacturing is expanding its product offerings to include the Mach Till tillage line. The tillage tool is designed for high-capacity, high-speed operation--up to 8 to 12 mph.

“This is not a high-speed disc or vertical tillage tool,” says Phil Jennings, Kinze service manager. “We’re calling it hybrid horizontal tillage.” It provides benefits of a conventional disc, vertical tillage and soil finishing products into one tool--it shreds and distributes residue while providing good soil finish and uniform residue management regardless of soil type. The rear corrugated rubber roller sheds soil and breaks up larger clods to create good soil contact with residue. Available fall 2018, the new line is licensed from Degelman Industries but manufactured at Kinze’s Williamsburg, Iowa, plant. The Mach Till product line includes 20-, 26-, 33- and 40-foot models.



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