Howdy Doody Bull Gets National Media

Bull Rides in Crown Vic Style Through Nebraska Highways

Watusi bulls, once full grown, average 1,300 pounds and can have a horn span of 8 feet in length. The breed originated in East Africa. (Photo by Rhonda Meyer shared on Facebook)

A large Watusi bull, going by the name of "Howdy Doody," is a national media star after his driver and best buddy, Lee Meyer, was pulled over in Nebraska.

Meyer was driving the bull around in a Ford Crown Victoria sedan when police in Norfolk started getting 911 calls about the odd pair. An officer gave Meyer a written warning, according to media reports. The officer's captain, Chad Reiman, said while there were "citable issues with that situation," the officer wrote a warning and asked Meyer to take his bull out of the city and back home.

Meyer told the media the Crown Victoria had been modified to accommodate his bull buddy. He removed half the windshield and roof, and installed a yellow, metal cattle gate as a passenger-side door.

Home for Howdy Doody is reported to be Neligh in northeastern Nebraska. He and Meyer have been buddies for eight or nine years, according to news reports quoting Meyer's wife, Rhonda.