Virtual Fence Tech

Merck Acquires New Virtual Fencing Technology

Oklahoma State University researchers announced last year they were using an EPA grant to look at how virtual fencing technology could improve water quality and ecosystems of cattle-grazing lands. (Photo courtesy of Oklahoma State University News)

Merck Animal Health announced an agreement to add Vence, a virtual fence innovator, to its cattle portfolio of products.

Vence is an innovator in virtual fencing for rotational grazing and livestock management. The privately held company provides enhanced technology for producers and ranchers to track, monitor and manage movement of cattle using a high-tech platform of virtual fencing solutions.

The technology is available using a computer or smartphone.

The technology can help reduce the need for fencing to subdivide pastures, allowing producers and ranchers to manage cattle and grass, while reducing labor and fencing materials costs.

Rick DeLuca, president, Merck Animal Health, said in a news release that they see Vence as a natural fit with the company's growing portfolio of intelligence products that today include identification, traceability, and monitoring technologies.

"This new technology will give cow-calf producers the ability to track their cattle and the ability to move them from pasture to pasture," DeLuca said.

Frank Wooten, founder and CEO of Vence, added that he believes Merck Animal Health is the best long-term home for the new technology. "Their unparalleled expertise in the livestock space, ability to develop and scale hardware products, high-quality customer support, and a strong global footprint to expand Vence's market reach make us really excited to join Merck Animal Health."

Currently, Vence technology is available in the U.S. and parts of Australia.