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Fly Controls for the Cow Herd


I have been using loose cattle mineral with an additive for fly control. It will only control horn flies. I want to switch to another product to help control face flies, but both the loose mineral and the supplement blocks I can find that will do this contain the active ingredient Rabon, and the label says before using Rabon with pregnant or nursing cows to consult a veterinarian. I have a small cow-calf operation, and most of our cattle are pregnant or nursing, so I'm not sure what to do. I don't use ear tags, but I do use a fly rub-scrub with strips and bullets on it. I also make direct applications on an as-needed basis. These products are permethrins.


You are correct that Rabon can help control face flies. I talked to a veterinarian at Bayer, and he is confident the product is safe when used according to the label. It has been used for over 50 years, and a lot of it has gone into pregnant cows. I do advise calling the mineral company to see what their concerns are and why this is on their label.

Another option is a newer product, ClariFly Larvicide. This is labeled as an aid for control of house flies, horn flies, face flies, and stable flies. I know it is offered in minerals and blocks, and as a premix.

Keep up the integrated pest management program -- you are on the right track.


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