Ask the Vet

Cull on Infertility

Hormonal issues can cause aggressive behavior in females, as well as infertility. (Progressive Farmer file photo)


I have a Dexter about 7 years old that has never calved. I am going to cull her finally, but she is acting strange, and I wanted to know if you have any theories as to why. For about a year now, she has been lowing (it seems angrily) and pawing at the ground. She gets aggressive with other cows, especially anytime another female comes into heat. Otherwise, she appears healthy and grazes well, and her coat is fine.


I would bet this female has some hormonal issues. That said, we find females that are infertile with no reason we can document for the condition. With her behavior getting worse, there could be a malignant or benign tumor producing an androgenic hormone. Ultimately, culling is what has to be done as she could seriously injure other animals or humans in her current condition.