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Yellowhammer Cattle

What's a "Yellowhammer" in the cattle world? Many have heard of a bird called the "yellowhammer" but one reader wants to know about the milk cows that went by this name. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo)


In the 1940s, my uncle made his money feeding what we called "Yellowhammers" bought from Missouri. I think they were milking stock bred to Hereford or Angus. Have you ever heard of them?


I can't say I've heard that name, but there are many colloquialisms for animals in different parts of the country.

Growing up in south Alabama, I had never heard of a "thoroughbred dog" until I moved three hours north to where I now practice, at Cropwell. I thought a thoroughbred was a horse but came to find out it was a purebred dog of any breed.

Maybe some readers from Missouri or Illinois know about Yellowhammer cattle and can give us both a helping hand.

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