Handy Devices

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Narrow openings for round bale feeders (Progressive Farmer image by Ralph A. Mark Jr.)

Narrow is the gate (Editor’s Choice):

Richard Morgan, Bloomfield, Kentucky, had a problem with calves climbing through the bars of his round bale feeders. They created a lot of waste as the calves messed in the hay and used it for bedding. To solve the problem, he cut nine lengths of 3/4-inch conduit. He attached them with bolts to the top and middle rings of the feeder to narrow the openings in the hay rings.

A ringing solution:

Lloyd Fossum, Moorhead, Minnesota, used the metal spine of a loose-leaf paper binder to create a hanger for cotter and hitch pins. He removed the spine from an old binder and screwed it to a wall. The binder’s rings keep the various shapes and sizes of pins organized and secured within the self-locking loops.

Crank it up:

Frank Stone, Ashland, Virginia, welded a 7/8-inch nut to the top of the jack handles on his hay tools. He used a socket wrench and socket to crank his equipment up and down with greater speed and ease than when he used the rotating handles that came with his equipment.

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Dan Miller