The Art of Planting - 6

Row-Crop Planter Roundup: Some of the Options and Their Features

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
From upper left clockwise: Kinze 4905 True Speed, Fendt Momentum, Great Plains PL5700, John Deere 1775NT. Center: Case IH 2150. (Courtesy photos)

Editor's Note: It takes planning, proper maintenance and more to master the art of planting. DTN/Progressive Farmer's special series "The Art of Planting" has been showcasing National Corn Yield Contest winners who consistently prepare their planters for the field to achieve winning yields and share their tips. In addition, the series has looked at how planters are being adapted with sensors to place seed in the best soil conditions and to apply various inputs in-furrow.

Today, in our sixth and final story of the series, we've put together a roundup of new row-crop planters and options from which to choose from some of the major equipment manufacturers.



Kinze Manufacturing's 4905 True Speed front-fold planter provides row-crop farmers with accurate planting at slow and fast speeds, from 3 to 12 mph. The 4905 True Speed is available with multiple row configurations: 24-row 30-inch, 16-row 30-inch and 12-row 30-inch, with options to meet diverse field-planting needs.

This high-speed planter is built to plant uniform crop stands every time, maximizing yields and saving growers fuel and time. The 4905 utilizes an advanced seed meter that enables high-speed planting without compromising accuracy. It provides precise seed spacing at various speeds with multiple seed shapes and sizes.

Other features include:

-- Blue Drive electric drive and Blue Vantage display with shared coverage data and up to four planter-mounted cameras

-- consistent seed depth control with the durable True Depth hydraulic downforce system to provide optimum emergence and root development

-- accurate planting at slow and fast speeds up to 12 mph, possible with the True Speed high-speed meter

-- optimum residue control achieved with Yetter 2940 Air Adjust Series row cleaners

-- lower tractor hydraulic requirements (only two selective control valves required with PTO variable displacement pump)

-- reduced pinch row compaction with up to 120-bushel bulk fill seed capacity featuring a hydraulic weight-transfer system

-- carries up to 750 gallons of fertilizer

-- 42 degrees of wing flex in the three-section front-fold frame

-- reduced soil compaction with Firestone low ground pressure high flexion tires, available on 24-row models.

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The Fendt Momentum planter includes technologies to help overcome planting conditions that challenge even emergence and resulting yield loss.

The Fendt Momentum planter is equipped with Load Logic, which automatically transfers weight off the row units of the planter by lifting and adjusting the planter frame to minimize row-unit downforce. The tire-inflation system is part of the Load Logic weight-management system. Sensors help automatically adjust the tire pressure to minimize compaction as the planter's weight changes during a planting day.

Momentum's SmartFrame technology comprises three independent, intelligent sections that operate automatically, ensuring the row units on each section maintain the ideal seeding depth. The planter's patented sensor-controlled hydraulic system monitors the angle of the row-unit parallel arms to automatically adjust toolbar height, keeping the arms level and the row units properly engaged with the soil as ground conditions and terrain change.

The vertical contouring toolbar flexes up and down as much as 65.9 inches to follow the contour of the field and ensure the row units properly engage with the soil.

The Momentum features in-line center tandem wheels, which follow the affected row path already created by the tractor tires, thereby controlling traffic through the field and limiting compaction. This design, along with its front-of-frame mounted tire configuration, completely eliminates pinch rows.

Momentum planters are available in eight configurations, each with a 1,000-gallon liquid fertilizer tank.

For more information, see Fendt:…



The PL5700 is a simple and straightforward price-competitive planter.

Available in 12- and 16-row configurations with bulk-fill or on-row hoppers and an assortment of drives, fertilizer and attachment options, the PL5700 provides effective singulation, compatibility with Ag Leader technology and lower hydraulic requirements.

The Great Plains PL5700 features new 5000 Series Row Units, new 5000 Series Air-Pro Meters and a positive air system designed for accuracy.

The row unit utilizes ductile cast parallel arms for long-term row-unit stability. The planter's 15-inch, 4 millimeter blades turning on 205 triple-lip seal bearings ensure long life and accurate seed depth. Blades are offset 1/2-inch to slice residue and form a perfect seed trench. Opener options include unit-mounted turbo or fluted coulters, row cleaners and seed firmers.

Operators can choose from several seeding options: ground drive with a contact wheel, hydraulic drive with variable-rate seeding and rate control from the cab, or Great Plains' Individual Row Control electric drive for variable-rate seeding, rate control from the cab.

The planter is available with SureForce by Ag Leader. SureForce responds instantly to changing conditions, giving each row the exact pressure needed to plant at the ideal depth.

Bulk tank models include two heavy-duty poly, 50-bushel tanks for 100 bushels of onboard seed. Alternately available are 1.6-bushel or 3-bushel individual hoppers with shock-assisted lids that make filling easy.

The PL5700 planter is designed with a maneuverable front-fold, telescoping-tongue design. The tongue retracts when unfolded to keep the planter closer to the tractor for optimum maneuverability. The simple, folding design lets the operator extend the tongue and lock the folded wings in place for transport.

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Available in three configurations, 12-row 30-inch, 16-row 30-inch and 24-row 30-inch, the 1775NT fits into just about any operation, at planting speeds of up to 10 mph. The 1775NT has 21 degrees of up-and-down flex for maintaining seed depth while planting rolling ground and around terraces.

Deere offers ExactRate and ExactEmerge for the 1775NT. ExactRate gives operators row-by-row section control to manage fertilizer costs and the amount of chemicals applied by shutting off application in areas of overlap or nonapplication. ExactEmerge employs Deere's patented BrushBelt to move seed down into the seed trench without bounce and with exact singulation and spacing. ExactEmerge is powered by a pair of electric-drive motors that work independently to control the meter and BrushBelt.

John Deere's Central Commodity System (CCS) improves productivity with increased seed capacity, bulk-fill capability and easy cleanout. The two tanks have a combined capacity of 70 bushels on 30-foot planters and 100 bushels on 40-foot and larger planters. The tanks are placed on the planter for even weight distribution and with an eye toward rear visibility.

From the cab, operators control the "fold and go" hydraulic system, allowing for quick transitions between fields. The front-fold design offers a narrow, bridge-crossing 12-foot-wide transport width -- even with the CCS -- and 22 inches of under-unit clearance for improved access and egress from the fields.

Deere offers a track option for the 1775NT to alleviate ground pressure in the planter's center section. The tracks offer a larger footprint to allow for less compaction and better flotation.

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CASE IH 2150

The 2000 Series Early Riser planter models can be customized by operation and crop-residue management preferences for accuracy and speed. The 2150 front-fold trailing planter is available in 12-, 16- or 24-row configurations with 30-inch spacing.

The bulk-fill option provides seed delivery from the tank to the minihoppers -- no matter the seed population or seed coating. An all-new factory-integrated, 540-gallon liquid fertilizer system increases efficiency and productivity.

Tool-free crop changes and adjustments keep operators in the field.

Features available with the 2150 Early Riser front-fold planter include:

-- factory-integrated Case IH and Precision Planting vSet meters for singulation and planting accuracy

-- vDrive electric drive technology with row-by-row shutoffs, variable-rate and curve-compensated spacing

-- bulk-fill seed-feeding system with up to two 60-bushel tanks

-- a 2 x 2 frame-mounted liquid fertilizer placement option, exclusive to the 2150 Early Riser planter, which allows for fertilizer to be placed 2 inches over from the seed with adjustable depth up to 4 inches

-- increased run time between liquid product that fills with 540 gallons of capacity

-- Forward tank placement, which optimizes weight distribution with a low-profile design that optimizes rear visibility

-- precise application with row-by-row overlap control

-- granular insecticide delivered in-furrow via the AMVAC SmartBox option

-- high-clearance frame and increased row-unit vertical travel that accommodates rapid terrain changes without sacrificing accurate seed placement

-- optional wing downforce control, which provides additional vertical stability to the toolbar wings and helps row units remain in position and ready to respond to changing terrain

-- on-screen, folding-and-unfolding process with step-by-step instructions.

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Massey Ferguson blends technology from Precision Planting with Massey Ferguson's front-fold, vacuum electric (VE) MFVF model, available in three configurations: 12-row 30-inch, 16-row 30-inch and 24-row 30-inch. Massey Ferguson planters evolved from the White Planters line.

Massey Ferguson's partnership with Precision Planting has brought to this planter the vSet2 with vDrive, which provides 99% singulation accuracy in corn and soybeans without adjustments to vacuum, seed disk or singulator.

Farmers can also equip this planter with DeltaForce for uniform planting depth across any field condition.

The MFVF planter is available with SpeedTube for high-speed planting. These customizations are available from the factory or as plug-and-play aftermarket options.

The series' Heads Up row unit provides a proven foundation for Precision Planting technology. Based on the White Planter row unit, the Heads Up is designed for increased longevity and accuracy, including wider gauge wheel arms, thicker material to strengthen the shank and larger bushings, while allowing for easy Precision Planting add-ons, such as the SpeedTube.

Farmers can choose between individual row hoppers and a centralized hopper with up to 90-bushel capacity, with liquid fertilizer and insecticide options.

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