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Our Rural Roots

Come Sit on My Porch

The porch is the place for the family to slow down and make memories. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Meredith Bernard)

They say home is where your heart is, and for me, my heart is at home. For the handful of "happy places" I claim, the majority are right here on our farm. Whether it's in my tractor cab raking hay or sitting in a pasture listening to cows munch on grass, my heart is full.

The other place that both stirs my soul and fills my cup is where I'm tapping out these words to the tune of songbirds, the feel of a warm summer's breeze, the refreshment of a Mason jar of sweet iced tea and the sway of a log glider with a dog curled up next to me. Welcome to my porch.

This porch is where I greet the day with a cup of strong coffee, watching the sunrise red through the trees. It's where we gather as a family around a big, round table and eat meals that just taste better out here. It's where I feed hummingbirds, and we sit back, laugh and duck for cover as they go to war for the sweet nectar. It's where our kids swing, play, practice guitar and make memories they'll take with them long after they leave this nest for their own.

I'm fortunate to have a big porch, but I didn't for a long time, and it's always been a special place. It's not the size that matters, it's taking the time to enjoy what a place like a porch (or other "happy place" of any size) offers. A chance to slow down. A place to gather with friends and family. A sanctuary to be alone with nature or God. If ever we've needed as a people to find contentment at home, it's now. This is the time. And, the answer could be as close as a step outside your own front door.


Editor's Note: Blogger Meredith Bernard writes, takes photographs and ponders life and agriculture from the porch of her North Carolina family farm. Follow her on Twitter @thisfarmwife and visit her website at thisfarmwife.com.

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