Kuwait Raises Security Levels at Ports

Kuwait Raises Security Levels at Ports

KHURAIS, Saudi Arabia (AP) -- Kuwait says it has raised security levels at its ports given ongoing regional tensions following an attack on Saudi Arabia.

The state-run KUNA news agency reported the decision Friday, quoting Kuwait's minister of commerce and industry as making the announcement.

Khaled al-Roudhan said it affected both commercial ports and oil facilities.

Small, oil-rich Kuwait separately has told its military to be on heightened alert since the Sept. 14 attack on Saudi Arabia.

That attack halved the kingdom's oil production and has disrupted global energy supplies.

The U.S. alleges Iran carried out the attack. Saudi Arabia says the assault was "unquestionably sponsored by Iran." Iran denies being involved in the attack and warns any retaliatory strike on it by the U.S. or Saudi Arabia will result in "an all-out war."