Polaris Delivers First Kinetics

Polaris Sells Out Its First Round of Orders for All-Electric Ranger XP Kinetic UTV

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Polaris says its high-horsepower all-electric Ranger XP Kinetic delivers instant torque and low operating costs. (Photo courtesy of Polaris Inc.)

Polaris Inc. sold out in two hours its first orders for its Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic, the manufacturer's first all-electric, side-by-side off-road vehicle.

"We knew there would be interest for a performance-driven electric Ranger, but selling out two hours after opening our initial order window for the XP Kinetic exceeded our expectations," said Josh Hermes, vice president, electric vehicles for off road, Polaris. Polaris is currently shipping Kinetics, and it is planning to open another round of orders this summer.

The three-passenger Ranger XP Kinetic mounts a 110-horsepower electric power plant producing 140 lb-ft (pound-feet) of instant torque, with the ability to tow up to 2,500 pounds and haul 1,250 pounds in its cargo box. For comparison, Polaris' Ranger XP 1000 gasoline-powered vehicle is 999 cc, 82 horsepower, 60 lb-ft torque, 1,000 pounds in the bed.

Top speed is advertised at 60 mph.

Polaris says its electric powertrain delivers "precise" control at low speeds -- a capability useful for towing or backing up. "There is a lot of shared content between the (Ranger XP 1000 gas powered and XP 1000 Kinetic), but the power train is completely different," Hermes said. "Electric vehicles have a very linear torque curve; you have all that torque instantaneously. It's really in its happy place when it's working: low-speed operation, towing, hauling. The electric powertrain really suits itself well to those use(s) ... it delivers more capability, more performance, and more durability," Hermes told DTN/Progressive Farmer.

The whisper-quiet Ranger XP Kinetic off-road is built at the Polaris plant in Huntsville, Alabama.

Ranger XP Kinetic is sold in two trim packages: premium (starting at $24,999) and ultimate (starting at $29,999). The premium-trim package is powered by a single, automotive-grade lithium-ion, 14.9 kWh (kilowatt hour) battery, offering a driving range of up to 45 miles. The ultimate package adds a second battery, 29.8 kWh total, for up to 80 miles of range. The energy capacity of a battery is measured in kilowatts hours, the capacity of a battery to deliver power output (expressed in kilowatts) over time (expressed in hours). By that definition, Polaris expresses battery capacity in movement or potential miles traveled. When the Ranger XP Kinetic is not moving, it consumes little or no power.

After their range of travel, a question most often asked about electric vehicles is their recharging time. The Ranger XP Kinetic is delivered with a cord that can be plugged into 120v or 240v outlets. The premium-trim vehicle (14.9 kWh) with a 3 kW on-board charger requires 10 hours of charging time plugged into a 120v outlet; 5 hours plugged into 240v power. Premium-package operators can upgrade recharging capacity by 3kW of on-board charging, reducing 240v charging time to 3 hours. The ultimate-trim vehicle (two batteries, 29.8 kWh) includes a 6kW on-board charger. Charging time with a 120v outlet is 20 hours, 5 hours plugged into 240v, and 4 hours with the 3kW charging upgrade. Ultimate operators can also install a Wallbox Pulsar Plus accessory for reduced charging time. With the 3kW upgrade, 240v outlet and Wallbox, the Ranger XP Kinetic can be charged in 3.5 hours.

Here are additional specs for the Ranger XP Kinetic:

-- Off road. Kinetic offers three user-selectable drive modes: Eco+, Standard and Sport.

-- The ride. 14 inches of ground clearance, 10 inches of suspension travel, 29-inch Pro Armor X-Terrain tires.

-- Charging status. Accent lights mounted between the Kinetic's two LED headlights serve as a charge status indicator. As the battery reaches higher states of charge, the flashing accent lights fill up, one after the other, indicating how fully charged it is.

-- Outlets. Kinetic includes an in-dash USB port and a 12v Cargo Box Power Port to power accessories such as a sprayer. Power to the box-mounted outlet is controlled from the cab.

-- Emissions. No emissions. The electric powertrain has fewer moving parts and fewer fluids to service (some powertrain components are cooled -- there is a small radiator with coolant -- and front and rear differential fluids). Polaris estimates that over a five-year period, operators will save roughly $3,500 in operating costs.

-- Warranty. Kinetic comes with a one-year total-vehicle warranty, three-year powertrain warranty and five-year warranty on the batteries.

For information, visit www.polaris.com/en-us/off-road/ranger/models/ranger-xp-kinetic/.

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Dan Miller