Handy Devices

December 2020 Handy Devices

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Magic Chain (Progressive Farmer image by Ray E. Watkins Jr.)

MAGIC CHAIN (Editor's Choice):

How do you keep track of keys for a locked farm gate when you have multiple users? John Carl Fobian, West Branch, Iowa, has an idea. Each gate user not only holds his or her own key, but each supplies a padlock with it. Each lock is linked to a short length of chain -- with each lock also serving as an easy-opening link in the chain. If an owner loses his key, the other owners are not inconvenienced because they can still work their own locks and open the gate.


Older truck toolboxes make great lockable storage units. Jerry Wright, Stamping Ground, Kentucky, mounted a truck box to braces on his shop wall. The braces are reinforced.

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Dan Miller