Bednar Omega High Speed Air Seeder

High Speed Air Seeder

Omega high speed air seeder by Bednar (Greg Lamp)

The Omega air seeder by Bednar now comes with an additional row of 16 wheels in front of the equipment to provide extra stability and reduced compaction. Average speed for the 5.5- to 6-inch row spacing seeder is 9 mph. The 40-foot wide seeder with electric metering also features two rows of X-shaped disks behind the front wheels that assist in ensuring stability to lessen drift, followed by a row of coulters and another row of larger tires.

"Those bigger tires in the rear help consolidate the soil in front of the double-disk seed coulters and press wheels," says Jan Bednar, commercial director.

Hydraulics lift and lower the seeder for accurate seed depth, and sections of the seeder can be turned off by the operator when necessary. A pressurized two-chamber hopper ranges in size from 113 to 140 bushels and is available in a 60/40 split to hold both small grain seed and fertilizer. The rear of the seeder also has a discharge hose attached that's used for easy clean-out and metering.

The Czech Republic company has a range of tillage, fertilizer and seeding equipment, and has dealers in North America.


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