Duragrip Finger Wheel Rake Tines

Finger Tines Enhancements

Duragrip finger wheel rake tines by Tonutti Wolagri (Greg Lamp)

New Duragrip finger wheel rake tines by Tonutti Wolagri are designed not to wear as fast as regular tines. The end of each tine has a roughness or knurling that provides better grip when contacting product, usually hay. "It requires 40 to 50% less downpressure on the ground and an increase in durability of 60 to 70%," says Gianmaria Tonutti, sales manager. "That means fewer stones and dirt inside the windrow plus less slippage with wet product."

Besides wheel rakes, Tonutti says the finger tines can also be used in balers and tedders, and the cost will be about 15% more than standard tines.

The new tines have been tested in France and Italy for more than two years, and the company plans to introduce them into the U.S. in 2022.


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