September 2021 Recent Farmland Sales

Victoria G Myers
By  Victoria G. Myers , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Per-Acre Prices (Progressive Farmer)

ARIZONA, Maricopa County. A 295-acre farm with 200 irrigated acres in the Buckeye Water Conservation and Drainage District sold for $7.05 million, or about $23,898 per acre. The property includes grandfathered water rights in the Phoenix Active Management Area and has substantial drill delineated aggregate reserves. All water and mineral rights were included in the sale. Buckeye, Arizona, is currently one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. Contact: Trey Champie, Headquarters West Ltd.;; 520-235-3577;

ILLINOIS, Iroquois County. A large corn and soybean farm totaling 1,218 acres in one large, contiguous tract sold for $14 million, or $11,500 per acre. The farm sold to an investor from Indiana. Yield history for the operation showed average yields of 202.01 bushels per acre (bpa) for corn and 63.59 bpa for soybeans. The property included several outbuildings, two homes, four grain bins, one hopper bin and a grain dryer. Contact: David Klein, First Mid Ag Services;; 309-665-0961;

INDIANA, Blackford County. A 167-acre property with 129 acres of cropland and the rest in woodland sold for $1.01 million. Average per-acre price was $6,048. The land sold to a local farmer and was described as having a Surety Weighted Average Productivity Index of 140. Contact: Craig Stevenson, Geswein Farm and Land;; 574-870-4383;

KENTUCKY, Grayson County. An auction of 180 acres resulted in a total sale price of $1.56 million, or $8,667 per acre. The land had been in the family for more than 100 years. There were more than 100 registered bidders for the 28 tracts, ranging in size from 5 to 16 acres. Most included blacktop frontage. The land was gently rolling pasture, fenced and with three ponds. Contact: Mike Melloan, Kurtz Auction and Realty Co.;; 800-264-1204;

NORTH DAKOTA, Grand Forks County. A 477-acre farm sold at auction for $2.69 million, or $5,639 per acre. The property sold in four parcels. Three held bases in wheat, corn, sunflowers and soybeans, and the fourth was a 14-acre farmstead with a home, outbuildings and grain bins. Parcel average per-acre prices ranged from $4,700 to $6,060. Grain bins were leased to a local farmer. Contact: Bob Pifer, Pifer's Land Auctions;; 877-477-3105;

OHIO, Harrison County. A 161-acre farm made up of pasture, hay and recreational ground sold for $1.31 million, or $8,136 per acre. The property included a home, barn, shop and machinery shed. It sold with mineral rights. The farm sold to one buyer. Contact: Curt Yoder, Kaufman Realty and Auctions;; 330-204-2447;

OKLAHOMA, Kingfisher County. Farmland totaling 160 acres sold at auction for $410,000, or $2,562 per acre. The property was mostly under cultivation, with some grassland and a 4.5-acre water reservoir. It sold in three tracts, surface rights only. Contact: Chris Cameron, Lippard Auctioneers Inc.;; 580-237-7174;

WISCONSIN, Grant County. A 149-acre property close to both the Iowa and Illinois borders sold in four parcels for $1.45 million. Per-acre prices ranged from $8,000 to $10,900; the average was $9,731. The land was a mix of recreational and hunting ground, and row crops. Base acres were held in oats and corn. Contact: Brett Gill, or Bob Pifer,; Pifer's Land Auctions; 877-477-3105;


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