January 2021 Recent Farmland Sales

Victoria G Myers
By  Victoria G. Myers , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Per-Acre Prices (Progressive Farmer image by Progressive Farmer)

IOWA, Dallas County. Three parcels, two farmland and one a home site, sold at auction for $3.9 million. Total acreage was 308, with land tracts averaging $12,000 per acre. The 4.5-acre tract with home and outbuildings sold for $266,000. The farm held bases in corn and soybeans. Contact: Matt Vegter, Hertz Real Estate Services;; 515-382-1500.

KANSAS, Gray County. Irrigated cropland, grass and CRP totaling about 775 acres sold at auction in five tracts for $668,250. Tract prices ranged from $575 to $1,500 per acre, with an average per-acre price across the property of about $862. The farm included about 128 acres irrigated, 165 acres dryland and 487 CRP acres. It held bases in corn, grain sorghum and wheat. Contact: Travis Weaver, Farm and Ranch Realty Inc.;; 800-247-7863;

KENTUCKY, McLean County. A farm totaling about 132.5 acres sold at auction for $827,248, or $6,243 per acre. The property auctioned in two tracts and is divided by a state highway. The larger tract of 122.5 acres included gently rolling cropland with wooded areas. Improvements included an equipment shed and two tobacco barns. Contact: Joseph Mills, Kurtz Auction and Realty;; 800-264-1204;

LOUISIANA, Madison Parish. Black Bear Farms, totaling 292 acres, sold for $1.75 million, or $5,993 per acre. The land was precision-leveled and irrigated, and included three wells. Grain bins on the property had a 66,000-bushel capacity. Contact: Jim Rolfe, Brown Realty Co.;; 318-728-9544;

MINNESOTA, Pennington County. A farm totaling 304 acres sold at auction in two parcels for a total price $698,676. Parcel prices ranged from $2,150 to $2,450 per acre. Average cost per acre across the total property was $2,298. Contact: Steve Link, Pifer's Land Auctions;; 701-361-9985;

NORTH DAKOTA, Hettinger County. A farm totaling 790 acres sold at auction in three parcels for $1.29 million. The tract prices ranged from $850 to $1,925 per acre. Average price across the farm was about $1,641 per acre. The farm included both productive cropland and pasture. Known locally as the Gabriel Greff Farm, the tracts sold to three different buyers. The farm included bases in wheat and canola. Minerals sold separately. Contact: Kevin Pifer, Pifer's Land Auctions;; 701-238-5810;

OKLAHOMA, Garfield County. Grasslands and recreational areas totaling 614 acres sold at absolute auction for $1.12 million, or about $1,817 per acre. The property was a mix of grazing areas, ponds, cattle shelters and hunting ground. It sold in four tracts, with tract prices ranging from $1,760 to $1,937 per acre. A home was included on the property. Contact: Troy Lippard, Lippard Auctioneers;; 580-747-6747;

TENNESSEE, Obion County. A 644-acre farm, a mix of wooded and pasture acreage, sold in four total tracts for $1.05 million. There were 359 acres of woods and timber, and 260 acres of pasture. Cattle-working facilities and barns were included in the offering. Tract prices ranged from $1,375 to $2,056, with an average price across the whole property of $1,636 per acre. Contact: Jason Blue, Kurtz Auction and Realty Co.;; 812-550-4114;

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