New Equipment Rollout

Manufacturers introduce new products for 2019.

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Case IH Axial-Flow 250, Image provided by Case IH

These products caught our attention while walking among exhibitors at this
year’s fall farm shows.

> Advanced Farming Systems

The new Case IH Axial-Flow 250 series Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Harvest Command package--available only in this combine series--uses 16 sensors to adjust seven combine settings automatically. It reduces the need for operator monitoring and adjustment from 12 down to just three. Initially available for corn, soybeans, wheat and canola crops, AFS Harvest Command automation adjusts the combine as crop conditions change.

Here are other features found on the Axial-Flow 250:

> SHIFT. A 2-speed electric shift ground-drive transmission maintains precise ground speed up or down hills. It also reduces the frequency to shift in the field or on the road by having one gear for harvesting and another for road travel.

> SETTINGS. The 250 series combine enhances harvest by way of three technology settings. 1) An Automatic Crop Setting customizes and saves preferred combine settings. 2) Feedrate Control monitors ground speed based on crop load, engine power and speed limits set by the operator. 3) Full Automation available with the optional AFS Harvest Command combine automation system.

> CAPACITY. High-capacity grain tanks of the 7250, 8250 and 9250 combines feature a large grain tank with a capacity of 410 bushels and an unload rate of 4.5 bushels per second. For more information, visit

> Magnum Updates

Case IH announced Model Year 2019 product updates to its Magnum line of tractors. These include a new warranty program, factory-fit telematics and advanced subscription to the AFS Connect farm-management system, and a new 21-inch track option.

> TELEMATICS. Factory-fit telematics and a one-year advanced subscription to AFS Connect, it is the control center for all tractor-to-cloud-based information transfer and management. Customer-driven enhancements to AFS Connect include both agronomic and tractor-related data--real-time equipment tracking and capture, and analysis of agronomic data, for example.

> TRACTION. Magnum Rowtrac tractors address the challenges of adverse planting and tillage conditions. In 2019, a new 21-inch track option has been added to maximize flotation and minimize plant-root zone interference, especially in crops planted on beds with 38-inch and 36-inch row spacing. For more information, visit

> New Options

John Deere is upgrading its line of 110-215 horsepower 6R Series tractors. The tractors offer three optional features, including the all-new CommandPro Control multifunction joystick. CommandPro is a customizable joystick that gives operators the ability to control tractor speed, direction and implement functions from a single control lever. Configurable buttons allow operators to customize control to fit the job or operator preference best.

Other features:

> PUMP. To boost the hydraulic pump capability on the 6145R and 6155R, a 41-gallon-per-minute hydraulic pump can be added to increase front-loader cycle times and capacity for implements.

> ACCESS. A small door has been added, creating access to the engine-oil service area. For more information, visit

> New Tillage Tools

Deere has added a pair of tillage tools for 2019--the 2660VT Variable Intensity Tillage Tool and the 2680H High-Performance Disk.

2660VT. The unit is available in six models with working widths from 20 to 50 feet in three- and five-section configurations. Operators can customize the gang angle from 0 degrees for sizing residue and vertical soil movement to 12 degrees for aggressive horizontal soil movement and to bury heavy residue.

> WHEELS. Walk-over tandem wheels provide stability and flotation, and stabilizer wheel options are available. Front-mounted active-hydraulic depth-control castering wheels on outer wings are standard on five-section configurations.

> COMPACT. Transport dimensions are compact. For example, three-section models are less than 14 feet high. Five-section models fold to less than 15½ feet wide.

2680H. The high-performance disk is a spring and fall tillage tool that combines speed and performance into one. This tool is capable of field speeds of 10 to 14 mph to till twice as many acres in a day compared to traditional disks. Other features:

> ANGLES. The blades, on 10-inch spacings for maximum residue flow, are angled at 17 degrees on the front rank and 14 degrees on the rear rank.

> GREASELESS. The unit also has greaseless bushings and bearings, eliminating daily maintenance. For more information, visit

> New Display

John Deere has rolled out a new weather-resistant 4240 Universal Display. Deere says the 4240 Universal Display--replacing the GreenStar2 1800--features a high-contrast, 8.4-inch touchscreen. The display is enclosed in a weather-resistant shell suitable for open-station equipment. Documentation and AutoTrac automated guidance are included with the display. For more information, visit

> Automatic Turning

New Holland Guardian sprayers are now equipped with the IntelliTurn system (automatic end of row turning). IntelliTurn calculates the turns at the end of the field in conjunction with the sprayers IntelliSteer system, allowing the operator to focus on applications.

> ENGINE. Guardian sprayers are now powered entirely by FPT engines. The SP370F and SP410F front-boom sprayers come equipped with a Cursor 9 FPT engine.

> CONTROL. Ground drive performance has been improved with more aggressive traction control, which can be turned off when encountering challenging conditions. For more information, visit

> Baler-Wrapper

New Holland’s Roll-Belt round baler with Göweil Kombi Bale Wrapper gives producers the ability to bale and wrap in one operation, reducing time, labor and fuel costs. With this system, bales are wrapped as they are made before they ever touch the ground to avoid contamination. For more information, visit


New Holland’s new 54 to 74 HP WORKMASTER utility tractors (models 55, 65, 75) are built with an eye toward operator comfort, with an air-ride suspension seat, Bluetooth radio and instructor seat. The all-weather WORKMASTER four-post cab protects the driver from the elements.

> TRANSMISSION. The 4WD, 12 x 12 power-shuttle transmission makes operations that require multiple direction changes easy.

> EMISSIONS. The emissions system requires no diesel exhaust fluid and no regeneration. Maintenance is efficient, with a 600-hour service interval. The 540-rpm PTO operates at low engine RPMs to conserve fuel. For more information, visit

> Z-Series Bins + Flexwave

GSI’s Z-Series bins with Flexwave Technology are available in U.S. and Canadian markets. This first-of-its-kind system is designed to manage bin cleanouts more safely. Instead of sweeps, brooms and shovels, two fabric liners alternately inflate and deflate, gently pushing grain into a central conveyor for removal. The result is 99.9% cleanout.

> BIN. The initial system fits a 24-foot diameter Z-Series bin. The 24-foot model has a capacity ranging from 5,000 to 25,000 bushels, depending on height. GSI plans to add Flexwave to larger-capacity bins in 2019.

> CONTROLS. Z-Series Bins with Flexwave Technology include an intuitive touchscreen control to automate the process and an aeration system to maintain uniform grain quality comparable to conventional systems. For more information, visit

> IDEAL Combine

AGCO’s Fendt IDEAL combine is the first “clean-sheet” design of an axial combine in 30 years. The Fendt IDEAL combine joins AGCO’s harvesting portfolio, which includes the Gleaner transverse rotary combine and the Massey Ferguson 9500 Series axial combine. The Fendt IDEAL is available in Class 7, 8 and 9 units. Here’s an overview of a few features.

> HANDLING. With the industry’s largest grain tank and class-leading 6-bushel-per-second unloading speed, spend less time unloading grain and more time harvesting.

> BALANCE. IDEAL Balance technology is a completely new way to manage crop flow. Two specially molded return pans use the full length of the separation chamber
to distribute the crop evenly, even
on hillsides.

> ROTORS. The IDEAL combine allows more space for a new threshing and separation rotor design that is gentler on the crop. Compared to other systems, this dual-helix processor requires 50% less power to operate. For more information, visit


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