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Goodyear "Hybrid" R14T Tire From Titan

Goodyear R14T, Image by Karen McMahon

Compact tractor owners can now purchase a hybrid tire that features industrial tread in the center and agricultural tread on the outside. The new tire is called the Goodyear R14T, which combines the R-4 industrial tire name with the R-1 ag tire name.

“When ordering compact tractors from the factory, customers must decide on tires with either an industrial, agricultural or turf tread,” explains Scott Sloan, Titan ag product manager. “With this crossover tire, they don’t have to decide between industrial and ag tires, because they have both in the R14.”

The middle industrial tread offers long-lasting wear and performance. The outside lug tread of ag tires provides traction and mud-cleaning.

The tires are especially good when working on concrete and mud like dairies and cattle operations. The middle tread carries the load, and the lugs keep the tires clean and moving.



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