Kioti's Big, Across-the-Board Expansion

Kioti Launches Numerous New Products in 2023, Including Larger Tractors

Kioti's new HX1151 features 115.3 horsepower gross engine power, (83.9 hp PTO), 24x24 Power Shuttle transmission, creep speed gear and lift capacity of 8,002 lbs. engine. (Photo courtesy of Kioti)

Since moving into the North American market in 1986, Kioti, a division of Daedong-USA Inc., has rolled out a series of incremental steps to build market share in the small-tractor, loader, UTV and mower segments where Kioti lives.

The company upped the ante in 2023 when it went big with a treasure trove of new introductions, including higher-horsepower HX tractors (90-115 horsepower), new compact construction equipment and revamped UTVs, among others.

"We've definitely had a lot on our plate," said Tim Phillips, Kioti's national sales manager. Nearly 400 Kioti dealers took the opportunity recently to test drive the company's line of equipment on a farm in North Carolina during their annual meeting.

As Phillips watched the mass test drives, he noted that Kioti, like most equipment makers, sees 2024 as an overall flat year for the market. "However, we intend to grow," he said. "We're still hungry ... we're not as worried about the market because we're going to continue to do our thing."

The new HX tractors began arriving at dealers in early 2023 as replacements for the preexisting (and slightly less powerful) PX line. The HX comes in a 90-horsepower or 115-horsepower model and are the most powerful ever in the lineup.

Both models include a power boost feature, which delivers 9% more PTO horsepower and torque for heavy applications or travel. The feature raises the PTO to 76.7 horsepower on the HX9010C and 91.5 horsepower on the HX1151C.

A distinguishing feature of Kioti's equipment line is that its parent, South Korean-based Daedong, builds almost every major component themselves. The company likes to say that every Kioti tractor "possesses an unmatched level of consistency."

That consistency and quality have won over dealers.

"We took on Kioti 13 years ago because the small-tractor market was so hot, and we needed something cheaper in addition to the brand we've been selling for 81 years," said Brian Agnetti, president of San Joaquin Tractor in Bakersfield, California. "We found out the Kiotis are nicer, with better lift capacity and warranty in the 26-horsepower category and cost $4,000 less."

Those sentiments were echoed by Jerry Fletcher, who owns Farmer Tractor Co. in Valdosta, Georgia. "We transitioned away from (another brand) six years ago and have been well-pleased ever since," he said.

The bread and butter of Fletcher's dealership are Kioti's smaller tractors. Last year Kioti introduced the CK20 (25-40 horsepower) and DK20 series tractors (40-55 horsepower). The models feature LED headlights, updated steel hoods and integrated joystick controls that can perform all loader functions.

"Their best features are their strength and durability," said Fletcher. "They are as good or better than anyone else. We are selling them as fast as we get them." Most buyers, he said, are people with 5 to 10 acres and need a small tractor and "everything that goes with a loader."

Additionally, the CX2510 can be equipped with a cab (introduced two years ago). "This is one of the few factory cabs with heat and AC in a machine that size (24.5 horsepower)," said Phillips.

Kioti also entered the compact construction equipment (CCE) market -- with plenty of agricultural uses as well -- in a big way in 2023 with its SL Series and TL series of skid steer and track loaders, respectively.

"CCE is still the newest big launch for us and creating the most buzz," said Phillips. "This is opening a new segment for us."

The SL skid steers are equipped with a 74-horsepower Kioti engine, standard two-speed travel, a pilot hydraulic joystick control, a wide cab, and standard LED work lights. They can also be equipped with an optional cab featuring heating and AC.

The same details hold true for the TL Series track loaders. The TLs also feature a class-leading 10.5-foot lift height, which comes in handy when dumping into trucks and high-sided hoppers.

This past fall Kioti also introduced the K9 2400 UTV with an optional factory-installed, climate-controlled cab. The model has a 24-horsepower, three-cylinder, Kioti diesel engine. All Kioti's UTVs have diesel engines. Other than the cab, this new model is like the 2400 single-row UTV and the K9 2440 with two-row seating.

"These are work-focused machines," said Steven Benedict, turf care product line manager, "with a steel bed and spray-in bed liner standard." They are equipped with two- or four-wheel-drive options, electric power steering, and a redesigned CVT (continuously variable transmission). The K9s have a top speed of 31 mph, and the K9 2400 has a hauling capacity of 1,750 lbs.