Deere Updates Big Tractors for Tomorrow

Deere's 2024 Tractors to Have Faster Displays, Guidance Packages

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Deere has added 20 horsepower for all its 9RT two-track tractors for model year 2024 (Photo courtesy of John Deere).

John Deere is announcing market-year 2024 updates to its 7, 8 and 9 series tractors, the largest three tractors in its lineup.

In addition to increased processing power and a new hi-res G5Plus CommandCenter Display, Deere is offering factory-installed capabilities to help prepare these tractors for autonomous operations. Deere has pledged to produce by 2030 fully autonomous corn and soybean production systems--an equipment line including fall and spring tillage, planting, spraying and harvesting.

"We updated our largest John Deere tractors with new technology to help our customers achieve the highest levels of precision-ag efficiency and ease-of-use today, while ensuring their tractors are prepared to work autonomously in coming years," Ryan Jardon, marketing manager for John Deere, said in a release.

The G5Plus CommandCenter Display (and optional G5Plus Extended Monitor), with its 12.8-inch touchscreen display (1080 high-def resolution) offers increased processing power and faster file transfer times. There is a G5 Advanced package that includes AutoTrac, Turn Automation, AutoPath, AutoTrac Implement Guidance, Machine Sync, and In-Field Data Sharing. A factory-installed rear-window tint is available for CommandView 4 cabs to create better visibility on display screens on bright days.

The G5Plus Command Center and Deere's Starfire 7000 receiver, intro'd last year, are included as base equipment on the 7, 8 and 9 series. AutoTrac guidance and Section Control are also now included in base equipment.

For future field operations, Deere is making available a factory-installed implement ethernet enabling high-bandwidth communication between tractors and implements. For 2024 8 and 9 series tractors, Deere is offering an Autonomy Prep package to ensure these machines have the known components needed to operate autonomously. The package includes the right transmission and visibility package, implement ethernet and 330-amp alternator. Likely other components will be needed for autonomy, but Autonomy Prep offers a software/hardware step in that direction.

A final update for 2024 mode tractors. Deere has added 20 horsepower to 9RT two-track tractors. The 9RTs now include 9RT 490, 9RT 540 or 9RT 590.


Deere is introducing new G5 Universal displays, a new JDLink M modem and is making the StarFire 7000 Universal receiver available all as aftermarket options.

Compared to previous John Deere displays, G5 Universal displays provide a 35% larger viewing area, three times faster processing speed and a high-def screen. The G5 Universal displays come in two configurations--G5 with a 10.1-inch display and G5Plus with a 12.8-inch display.

The JDLink M modem for John Deere and other brands of equipment and vehicles makes it possible to easily document machine and work data, and to make data transfer from those machines easier.

Introduced last year, the StarFire 7000 receiver features five years plus of repeatability, 73% faster pull-in times and is 17% more accurate when using SF-RTK when compared to previous models using SF3 signal. As an aftermarket option, farmers can add a StarFire 7000 Universal receiver to their equipment for improved functionality or to replace older receivers.


Deere is offering a See & Spray Premium performance upgrade kit for its self-propelled sprayers. With See & Spray Premium farmers gain access to technology that targets weeds with non-residual herbicides in corn, cotton, soybeans and fallow fields. In addition, they can still use their sprayer all season long to make broadcast applications at standard operating speeds.

As a single-tank system, See & Spray Premium is not dual-product capable. But Deere explains it still offers many of the same benefits of sprayers equipped with its dual-tank capable See & Spray Ultimate technology, such as less product applied, less water used, and high level of drift control.

See & Spray Premium is offered for model year 2018 and newer John Deere sprayers in the U.S. and requires the machine to have a factory-installed ExactApply system or ExactApply Performance Upgrade Kit with 15- or 20-inch spacing and a 120-foot steel boom.

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