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Great Plains Launches VT1100 Tillage Tool, Fendt Features IDEALDrive Joystick Steering, Manitou Offers Rough Terrain Forklift

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
The Great Plains VT1100 vertical tillage tool features a stronger frame to support finishing attachments and heavier transport tires and axles. Producers can choose from a new chopper reel option, a new double basket attachment and 22-inch straight turbo blades. (Photo courtesy of Great Plains)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (DTN) -- Great Plains Manufacturing introduced at last week's National Farm Machinery Show its new vertical tillage implement, the VT1100 Turbo-Max. Great Plains made several design changes in the VT1100 from its earlier vertical tillage tools.

The VT1100 features a stronger frame to support new finishing attachments and heavier transport tires and axles. Producers can choose from a new chopper reel option for difficult, high-residue conditions, a new (round bar or flat bar) double basket attachment or a single basket attachment, and 20-inch or new, a bit more aggressive 22-inch straight turbo blades. Like its predecessor, the VT1100 Turbo-Max offers gang angles that adjust up to 6 degrees for multi-season applications but also provides a vertical finish when run at zero degrees.

The VT1100 is available in sizes from 20 feet to 40 feet.

To provide additional control, the VT1100 Turbo-Max is offered with the optional Implement Command system, allowing producers to set, adjust and monitor the unit from the tractor cab. Implement Command is ISOBUS-compatible and works with the tractor's existing terminal.

Great Plains also announced at the Farm Machinery Show the Terra-Max tillage tool. The HT1100 Terra-Max is a variable-intensity tool designed to take on a variety of soil management challenges, including sizing residue, weed control, and seedbed preparation.

Great Plains says the Terra-Max is compatible with lower-horsepower tractors in a range of 125 hp to 200 hp. The HT1100 is available in 10-, 12- and 15-foot widths. All Terra-Max models are designed with adjustable front and rear coulter gangs. The front gangs adjust from zero to 8 degrees, while the rear coulter gangs adjust proportionally from zero to 6 degrees.

Great Plains has also released the TS9100 Turbo-Seeder (10- to 15-foot models, 19.2 bushels of capacity seeding alfalfa, cover crops, small grains and other forages). It is a seeding solution compatible with the HT1100 Terra-Max. Great Plains says the equipment combo pairs well with the needs of hay, forage, livestock producers, and lower-acreage row crop operations.

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There was a line of people at the Farm Machinery Show waiting to climb up into Fendt's monster IDEAL 10T combine cab -- not just for the high view of the crowd below, but to get a close look at a new feature -- the IDEALDrive, steer-by-wire (no steering wheel) joystick steering system.

Mounted onto the left side of the operator's seat, steering is controlled by slight hand movements left and right; left to turn left and right to turn right. Remove your hand from the joystick, and it automatically re-centers the combine. Blinker and horn buttons are also found on the joystick.

Without a steering wheel, operators have an unobstructed view of the harvest work going on below.

Fendt first introduced the joystick-based IDEALDrive with its Class 8 and Class 9 combines in 2020.


Manitou has launched a new rough terrain forklift. The machine features four-wheel-drive, a Deutz 74 hp engine with 24-inch rough terrain tires and two mast options for operation on all surfaces. A new Manitou-designed optional bin clamp is integrated into the machine for securing bins during transport, loading and unloading applications.

The M 30-4 AG features a rated operating capacity of 6,063 pounds, a shorter overall width and length for greater maneuverability, tight turning radius with the curved rear counterweight design and ground clearances of 15.5 inches. The two mast options are a full visibility duplex mast with a maximum fork height of 12 feet and a free lift triplex mast with a maximum fork height of 14 feet. The forklift features side-shift capabilities and tilting angles of 15 degrees forward and 12 degrees back, a semi-enclosed cab and door kit, heating system, LED lighting packages and a Bluetooth radio package.

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